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Coupa Success Portal

Register for the CSP

You have the following options to register for the CSP:

Method Benefits Considerations
Customer-created invitation

You get a custom-invitation with specific instructions and a proactive message from your customer.

When you accept the invitation and create your account, you are automatically connected/linked to the customer who invited you.

You have to wait for your customer to send the invitation email. This means that you might not get invited due to your customer forgetting or not having the time to send the invitations to all their suppliers.
Self-created invitation You can set up your accounts ahead of time, add multiple users, set up your login preferences, and update your profile more quickly.

You need to connect manually to your customers in Coupa. Let your customer know that you registered and you want to connect with them.

Customers can connect with you through their Supplier Portal Directory, or by sending an invitation email to any of the CSP supplier users on the account. However, if you are invited using a different email, that email can log in but will have to merge with the account that was set up ahead of time in order for all the supplier users to be on the same account and linked to the customer.

Purchase order (PO) email

Your customer does not have to proactively manage invitations and reminders for you to get connected through the CSP.

You can create a CSP account without requiring an invitation if you use Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), InvoiceSmash, or other PO methods.

As PO emails are a frequent communication channel between you and your customers, you have more opportunities to create a CSP account and enjoy its benefits.  

Forwarded invitation from a coworker You can easily invite others within your organization to the CSP by forwarding them your PO email notification or by sending them an invitation from the create account page. You end up with the right supplier user(s) linked to and transacting electronically through the CSP with less work.

You can forward the invitation only to email addresses with the same domain. However, this ensures more built-in security.

With all methods, you need access to the email address you are going to use for the account.

Your CSP account is based on a specific email address. If you use an email address different from the one your Coupa customers have on file for you, you cannot connect with them until you give them the email address or create a CSP account with that email address.

Customer-created invitation

Ask your customer to send you an invitation to the CSP.

Self-created invitation

Go to and in the Register pane on the left, fill in the mandatory (email) field (marked with an asterisk), and then click Register to request an invitation.


In both cases, you receive an email with the subject line Action Required from <customer name>: Click Below to Join Coupa or Action Required for <supplier name>: Click Below to Join Coupa, depending on whether the invitation was sent by your customer or was initiated by you.

If the email was initiated by your customer, it contains the customer logo instead of the Coupa logo.

The email contains instructions and links to useful information, and buttons for joining the CSP or forwarding the invitation.


If you do not receive your invitation email, check your spam folder.

PO email

If you transact with your customers through PO methods other than the CSP and you are not linked to the CSP, your PO notification email has a Get Connected with the Coupa Supplier Portal section with a summary of the benefits of joining the CSP and the Get Started button that directs you to the CSP registration page, where your basic information (first name, last name, and email address) is filled in automatically based on the PO email.


If you are already linked to the CSP, you can see a Do More with the Coupa Supplier Portal section with the Login button instead of Get Started.

If your primary contact information email address is different from your PO email address, and you are connected to the CSP using your primary contact email, that is, your organization is linked to the CSP but you are not a CSP user, in the Do More with the Coupa Supplier Portal section of the PO email you can see a list of admin user emails from which you can request an invitation to the CSP so that you can create an account with your PO email address.


If you use Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), the PO email also has a Manage PO button that takes you to the SAN PO page without any immediate actions. The Create Account button in the banner at the top of the PO page lets you create a CSP account directly from the PO by taking you to the registration page.


Forwarded invitation

You can invite others to the CSP by forwarding them your PO email notification with the Create Account button, by clicking on the Forward This button in your CSP invitation email, or by sending them an invitation from the create account page

You can forward the invitation only to email addresses with the same domain.

An invitation to the CSP is sent to the email address that you specified.

When the invited user clicks on the Join Coupa button in the email, the user is directed to create an account to the CSP. 

If the user is already linked to the CSP or tries to create an account from an expired invitation, the user is directed to the Register / Login page where a red message bar displays the following: "Your invitation has expired or already been activated."

Invitations to the CSP expire after 30 days.

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