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Coupa Verified Program


Having a Coupa Verified account helps you reach businesses spending billions. By becoming verified, you appear higher in Coupa supplier search results and receive a verification certificate that you can use to prove your status. Verification allows you to gain customer trust and let them know you are ready to conduct business on Coupa. For more information about becoming verified, see Supplier Verification Overview and Supplier Verification FAQs.

Verification is a subscription that renews annually, and for less than a dollar a day you can submit your information and supporting documents to become verified in a few easy steps.

To become and remain verified, the following is required:

  1. A Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) account. For more information, see Registration and Login.
  2. A completed CSP profile. For more information, see Create Your Public Profile.
  3. You business must be located in the United States (support for other countries is coming soon).
  4. After verification, one of your users must log in to the CSP at least once every six months.

How it works

Become verified

  1. Log in to your CSP account. 
  2. In the Get Coupa Verified! banner that appears on the Home page, select Get Coupa Verified. You can also navigate to the Supplier Verification website to start the process.
  3. On the Start the Business Verification Process page, complete the fields and select Continue.
  4. On the Pay with Card page, enter your payment information and select Subscribe.
  5. On the following page, upload either a bank confirmation letter, a voided check, or your business license as proof of your identity and select Submit. At this point, Coupa reviews your information and moves you through the verification process, which can take five business days. Watch the banners in the CSP for updates on the verification process.

If you haven't completed your CSP profile yet, work on getting to 100% completion. The verification process requires a complete profile.

Download your verification certificate

  1. Once verification is complete, log in to your CSP account.
  2. In the Congratulations, You're Coupa Verified! banner on the Home page, select Download Certificate to download a PDF of your verification certificate.

Your certificate includes your business name, verification expiration date, and verification information that shows your customers that you are verified by Coupa.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why doesn't my verification show it is completed when I finished all the verification tasks?

Confirm that your CSP profile is complete. Verification requires that you have a complete profile.

I didn't submit a verification request but the banner shows verification is in progress. What is happening?

Someone in your organization started the verification process. To avoid double payment, once verification is in progress, it can't be started again from the CSP.

What happens to my verification if I merge my CSP account?

If only one of the merged accounts is verified, the primary account becomes the verified account. If both accounts are verified, contact for more information.

How do I renew my verification subscription?

When your subscription nears expiration, Coupa sends you an email letting you know that your subscription will automatically renew. If your payment information is the same as when you applied for verification, you don't have to do anything to renew.

How do I cancel my subscription?

When Coupa sends you your subscription renewal notice, contact for assistance.

What kind of communication can I expect throughout this process?

If your verification is approved, you receive a confirmation email alerting you to your approved status. If your CSP profile is complete, you see a button that allows you to download your certificate. If you need to complete your CSP profile, you see a button that navigates you to the CSP profile section.

If your verification fails because you didn’t provide adequate business identity materials, you receive an email alerting you that you need to upload a Bank Confirmation Letter, Voided Check, or Business Trade License to complete the verification process.

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