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Create a Credit Note

You can issue a credit note to:

  • Resolve a dispute on an invoice. For more information, see Disputed invoices

  • Record miscellaneous credit, for example, return/cancelation of goods, price adjustments, rebates and refunds.

To create a credit note, click on the Create Credit Note button above the Invoices table on the Invoices page.

In the appearing Credit Note popup, select the reason for your credit note.


Resolve a dispute

Select the Resolve issue for invoice number radio button and, from the drop-down list, select the invoice number. Click Continue to select how you want to resolve the issue.


You can choose to issue a credit note to cancel and optionally correct the invoice or to adjust it. For more information, see Disputed invoices.

Create the credit note similarly to creating an invoice. See Create or Edit an Invoice.

If you completely cancel the invoice, you can edit only the following fields: Credit Note Date, Credit Note Number, and Credit Reason. The other fields are pre-populated and not editable so that all the information is carried over from the original invoice.

If you adjust the information on invoice lines, you can edit the the following fields: Credit Note Date, Credit Note NumberCredit Reason, and line adjustment information (for example, price and quantity). Line level taxes are carried over from the invoice and are prorated based on the credit amount.

Header level charges (for example, shipping, handling, miscellaneous, or header level tax) are not brought over from the original invoice. To provide a credit for header level charges, you need to submit a separate stand-alone credit note.

Record a credit

Select Other and click Continue. In the appearing popup, choose the invoice-from address and follow the instructions in Create or Edit an Invoice.

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