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Create or Edit an Invoice

To create an invoice from a PO, see Create an Invoice from a PO.

To create an invoice without a contract or against a contract, select the relevant radio button (No contract or Invoice Against Contract) under the Invoices table on the Invoices page and click Create. When creating an invoice against a contract, you must first select the contract from the drop-down list. 

Use the Credit Note button to create a credit note. See Create a Credit Note for more info.

To edit a draft invoice, do one of the following:

  • Click on the Edit (Edit.png) icon for the invoice in the Invoices table.
  • Click on the Invoice # link to open the invoice and click on the Edit button.

In the appearing window, choose the Invoice from address. The most recently used address is at the top of the list.

On the Create Invoice page, fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk). You have to select an invoice from, a remit-to, and a ship from address by clicking on the icon next to the address field. 

When adding lines, you cannot pick lines from a PO.

In the Subtotal section, you can enter values and select tax rates for shipping, handling, and miscellaneous costs.

Applicable tax rates are determined by the tax code on the invoice. The tax rate is a government-regulated rate to be paid to the tax authorities as part of the sale and it is shown as a percentage. It applies to all commodities sold in a specified geographical area.

Clicking Calculate will give you the gross total amount considering the tax values.

You can add invoice lines to your invoice by clicking on the Add Line link or the Add (add_icon.png) icon next to it.

Selecting the Line Level Taxation checkbox, allows you to enter tax information for each invoice line.

Submit the invoice or save it as a draft to submit it later. You can also add comments for your customer.

When you try to submit an invoice that does not meet your customer's requirements, depending on your customer's settings, you might get the following warning message: "This invoice has the following warning(s):", followed by details on what to correct.

Before submitting the invoice, you can cancel or delete it. You can delete only draft invoices.

If you want to make changes to the invoice after submitting it, you have to contact your customer.

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