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View and Manage Early Payments


Early Payment Requests help you get paid earlier by allowing you to offer your customers discounts on their invoices if they pay them early. You choose the discount percentage you offer your customer for eligible approved invoices, which lets them decide whether they want to pay early to receive the discount. By incentivizing customers to pay early for discounts, you increase your working capital by receiving payments early.

Your Coupa customer has to enroll you in their Discounting program for you to use early payment requests successfully. For more information, see Set Early Payment Discounting Preferences.

How it works

Review invoices eligible for early payment

You can review the invoices you are eligible to request early payment for by going to Payments > Early Payments.


Tile Description
Total Available for Discounting

The total amount you can offer discounts on, should you submit all the eligible invoices in the Eligible Invoices table below the tiles.

Minimum Days to Payment The minimum number of days until you could receive your payments.

The Eligible Invoices table below the tiles shows you the invoices that you can submit for early payment.


Column Description
Invoice Number Invoice number.
Amount Invoice amount.
Invoice Date Date the invoice was created.
Due Date Date the invoice is due for payment.

Shows that your buyer enrolled you in the Discounting program to let you submit early payment requests.

Terms (days)

How long your customer has to pay the invoice.

Remaining Days

How many days remain until the invoice due date.

Review early payment requests

You can see information about your early payment requests by going to Payments > Early Payments > Payment Requests.


Column Description

Unique identifier of the early payment request.

You can click the ID hyperlink to see more information about the early payment request. For more information, see Reviewing payment request details.

Expected Payment Date

Date you can expect payment once you submit the early payment request.

This field does not display data for early payment requests with Expired or Invalid statuses.


Status of the early payment request:

  • Accepted: Your customer accepted the request.
  • Draft: The invoice has not yet been submitted for early payment. Click the hyperlink in the ID column to continue working on the request.
  • Expired: Your customer did not respond to the request within 48 hours. You can resubmit the request by clicking the ID hyperlink.
  • Invalid: The invoice due date passed and the invoice cannot be submitted for early payment.
  • Matched: Your customer accepted your request and payment is pending.
  • Payment Complete: Your customer accepted the request and paid the invoice.
  • Rejected: Your customer rejected the request.
Requested Amount The amount you are requesting from your customer after the discount.
Offer The 30 Day Discount percentage you are offering your customer. For more information, see Review payment request details.
Last Updated When the early payment request was last updated.

Review payment request details

When you click Get Paid to submit invoices for early payment on the Early Payments screen or click a value in the ID column on the Payment Requests screen, the CSP navigates you to the Payment Request Details screen that shows you more information about the request.


Tile Description
30 Day Discount

The percentage over 30 days that you are offering your customer(s). You can use the selector to adjust your discount amount or you can type your discount in the field.

You can calculate the annual percentage rate (APR) of the discount you offer by multiplying the 30 day discount amount by 12.

This field is only editable when you are submitting an early payment request.

Working Capital Requested

The amount of working capital you can expect from your customer after the discount you are offering is subtracted from the invoice total amount.

 You can also see this value in the Requested Amount column in the Included Invoices table below the tiles.

Discount Offered

The amount of the discount you are offering your customer(s).

You can also see this value in the Discount Offered column in the Included Invoices table below the tiles. For more information about the discount calculation, see the table description below.

The Included Invoices table below the Payment Request Details tiles displays information about the invoice(s) you are submitting for early payment and the discount you are offering your customer.


Column Description
Invoice Number Invoice number.
Invoice Total Undiscounted invoice amount.
Discountable Days

The number of days eligible for discounting, as determined by your customer's settings in their instance.

Daily Discount The daily percentage that you are offering your customer. The Daily Discount is calculated by dividing the percentage you entered in the 30 Day Discount tile by 30.
Discount Offered

The total amount you are discounting off of the invoice total:

Invoice Total x Daily Discount x Discountable Days = Discount Offered.

The percentage displayed in the Daily Discount column is rounded to two decimal places, meaning your manual calculation using the rounded percentage will produce a slightly different value than what is displayed in the Discount Offered tile and column. The CSP uses the more precise unrounded percentage in its calculations.

Requested Amount The amount of working capital you are requesting from your customer. The Requested Amount is calculated by subtracting the Discount Offered amount from the Invoice Total amount.
Due Date Date the invoice is originally due for payment.
Expected Payment Date

The date you can expect payment for the invoice, should you customer accept your discount offer.

Delete column If you included multiple invoices in your early payment request and want to remove an invoice, click Delete (delete.png).

Submit an early payment request

  1. Got to Payments > Early Payments.
  2. In the Eligible Invoices table, select the invoice(s) you want to submit for early payment and click Get Paid. You can select multiple invoices if they have the same due date.
  3. On the Payment Request Details screen you are redirected to, use the 30 Day Discount selector to choose the discount percentage you will offer your customer.
  4. Click Submit.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

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